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Swim Lessons

Price: $30/swimmer per session
Location: River Run Waterpark

River Run Waterpark is a proud provider of American Red Cross Swim Lessons. Lessons are available to those children ages 4-14 years old (all experience levels are accepted!).

Lessons are offered in the following two week (M-F) session blocks, are available at 9 or 10am and are 45 minutes in length.

2018 Session Dates

  • June 4 - 15
  • June 18 - 29
  • July 9 - 20
  • July 23 - Aug. 3

Swimmers are tested on the first day of class to ensure appropriate level placement. We reserve the right to move students to the correct level. It is not unusual for students to repeat a level. Lessons are rain or shine. No refunds shall be given for inclement weather cancelations.

The City of New Albany & New Albany Parks & Recreation invite everyone to participate in our programs! Meeting the recreational and safety needs of a diverse community is fundamental to the purpose of New Albany Parks & Recreation. We are committed to serving the needs of everyone in the community through inclusive programming; by providing an atmosphere in which persons with and without special needs can interact, play and socialize with their peers in an all-inclusive, supportive environment.

For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation or modification please email parks@cityofnewalbany.com

* Those enrolled in swim lessons must leave the facility after their activity and re-enter for normal operations, paying the appropriate daily fee or utilizing a season pass. NO EXCEPTIONS.

** Only those enrolled in a class are allowed in the water. All others must remain on the pool deck away from the edge of the pools.

*** By participating in swim lessons at River Run Waterpark, you acknowledge that your child's photo may be taken by City Parks Staff for future publication, including in social media, publications, promotional materials, brochures, etc. I agree that the City has ownership of these images and may use them for any purpose consistent with the Park Division's missions. If you would not like your child's photo taken, please inform your child's instructor.

Level Descriptions

Level 1 - "Introduction to Water Skills"
Level 1 teaches age appropriate basic water safety and swimming skills to help children feel comfortable in and around the water. Skills practiced include bobbing underwater, back float, and fundamentals of swimming such as kicking and arm movement.

Level 2 - "Fundamental Aquatic Skills"
Level 2 builds upon skills covered in Level 1, prepares students for further development in Level 3, and continues to build students’ confidence in the water. Students continue practice with floating, glides, and swimming underwater. At this level, students continue working on kicks and arm movement, and begin to put together the arm and leg actions - this introduces them to two major swimming strokes: front crawl and elementary backstroke.

Level 3 - "Stroke Development"
Level 3 students learn various floats and continue work on front crawl and elementary backstroke. Students are introduced to components of breaststroke, back crawl, and dolphin kick. It is not uncommon for students to repeat this level.

Level 4 - "Stroke Improvement"
Swimmers continue to practice and improve learned swimming strokes from Level 3. At this level, students are encouraged to begin using these strokes to swim greater distances. Students are introduced to scissors kick, which will later lead to learning sidestroke.

Level 5 - "Stroke Refinement"
In Level 5, students refine all six learned swimming strokes (front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke). Students continue practicing swimming at greater distances.

Level 6 (Option A) - "Swimming and Skill Proficiency-Personal Water Safety"
Level 6 continues to focus on stroke refinement, while discussing how to use these strokes efficiently and with ease. Important safety topics are discussed in Level 6, and prepares participants for Competitive Swimming or Lifeguarding.

Level 6 (Option B) - "Swimming and Skill Proficiency—Fitness Swimmer"
Level 6 continues to focus on stroke refinement, while discussing how to use these strokes efficiently and with ease. Important safety topics are discussed in Level 6, and prepares participants for Competitive Swimming or Lifeguarding. This level is a great alternative for those swimmers looking to just swim for fitness/health, and not necessarily competitively.

Private/Semi Private Swim Lessons

NEW for 2018. Offered for children and adults of any age. Instructors will tailor lessons to each individual’s abilities and goals. Lessons may be bought in packs of 2 or 4. Lessons will be scheduled with the instructor outside of normal waterpark hours (11am - 7pm).

Private Lessons
1 participant per 1 instructor for 30 minutes

Semi-Private Lessons
2 participants per 1 instructor for 45 minutes

To begin the private lesson process, please fill out the request form. Please allow 3-5 business days for initial contact.

Triathlon Training Clinics

Planning to tackle a triathlon this summer/fall? Come work with our seasoned swimmers and coaches to prepare you for the swim portion of a triathlon.

Sunday, June 17th  |  9 - 10:30am
Sunday, July 15th  |  9 - 10:30am
$30/person per session. Limited space is available!

Register Here!

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